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I was critiquing Molinism, not Catholicism. Molinism considers the set of all possible/feasible worlds. Unless God is finite, that set is infinite. If you don’t believe that God actualized one world out of an infinite number of possible worlds then you are not a Molinist. I don’t believe that Molinism is official Catholic doctrine. I don’t know that any denomination considers Molinism as part of its mandatory doctrine. I see it as a mis-guided attempt to harmonize sovereignty and free will. But in the end it is no better than Calvinism. It’s a human attempt to explain what is probably not explainable to our finite minds.

Shannon County, Missouri - Obituaries - C

they all look and sound so silly. it 8767 s their air of smug satisfaction with themselves that makes it darkly comical.

Rev. Robert H. Schuller, who built Crystal Cathedral, dies

Smith''s ideas about God in the Book of Mormon reflect the Trinitarian view, and among other things included God is a spirit. His views evolved and he adopted an anthropomorphic view that God the Father and the resurrected Jesus had bodies of flesh and bone.

Well, I have not done much research on Anglican but am wondering if it claims any relation to CofE? If so, you guys are descendants of Henry the 8th and did your own special reforming. Hee Hee

Maybe it is just a recognition of the human tendency to chuck our deeply held beliefs if they bring consequences difficult for our kids to face?

So if Iain understood this, then why did he cheat on his wife? Not only once, but over many years and with 7 mistresses? Iain hated his own wife so much that he cheated on her over and over again, and hurt her over and over again. Worst yet he cheated with other ladies in his own church, so he lead these other ladies astray also. It would be better for Iain if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble. (Luke 67:7)

There is wrath/penalty/guilt in Wright for sure, but of a different sort. It 8767 s not the Father pouring it out in a direct fashion. It is rather Jesus undertaking our exile and death voluntarily, as a deep repentance done on our behalf. Wright interestingly covers the long-neglected Maccabees writings that Protestants have ejected from their canon. It 8767 s not that he is embracing them as canon now, but that he uses them to provide context for what Jews were expecting in a Messiah figure, as well as how their exile was supposed to come to an end. He uses this as a launching pad to blend the Passover/Exodus with the Day of Atonement, all handled together at the Crucifixion. The idea is that martyrdom/voluntary suffering as repentance exhausts God 8767 s wrath, causing an end to exile. It 8767 s more Anselmian than Calvinist. All of this is framed within the Christus Victor atonement model.

That does not answer my question. Whether or not it is true or consistent, should we be glad if it is true? Calvinists normally claim something along the lines of God doing everything for his good pleasure and glory according to the secret counsel of his will. That means he is pleased and glorified for many to suffer for eternity. So would it be ungodly for the elect to not also be pleased by the eternal conscious torment of the unsaved?

A lot of IDC 8767 s work for Ligonier Ministries seemed academic and strangely detached. Interestingly enough, this read as heartfelt in comparison with his other articles:

INTERMENT: Piatt Cemetery, Round Springs, MO

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